J80 jib sheet length

J80 jib sheet length

As your boat bears off downwind and sheets are eased, the Hoyt Jib Boom ™ maintains precise control of the jib’s leach. This results in remarkable performance improvement and ease of handling. Sail area in the jib has been scientifically assessed to be twice as effective in producing drive to windward as sail area in the mainsail. 2001 J Boats J/80 J80 J 80 J-80 The J/80 is the only boat in its class: family sport boat! The J/80 can be enjoyed by a family out for a day sail or provide thrills of speed in the high teens with a crew of just 4. This 2001 has been exclusively FRESH WATER daysailed by her current owner and shows in very good condition.

J/80 Tuning Guide . Mast Rake . Mast rake is very critical for getting the best all around performance from your J/80. Because of the differences in the measurement from the black band to the mainsail halyard sheave box, combined with slight variances in the total length of masts, we have determined that mast rake should be measured from FJ Jib Sheet Line | West Coast Sailing ** West Coast Sailing closed for Labor Day (8/31-9/2) ** Gill End of Summer Sale - Up to 30% Off Gill Sailing & Foul Weather Gear

J Boats J/80 Boat for Sale | UK & Europe The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow all cookies". This is so that we can give you the very best experience while you're on our website. Cockpit Length : at Seat Height : 82 in. Cabin Headroom : 50 in. Berth Length : V-Berth - Centerline : 76 in. V-Berth - Parallel to hull side : 79.5 in. Quarter Berth - starboard side : 97.5 in. Quarter Berth - port side : 92.5 in. Portable Head : Thetford Porta Potti: Dealer Supplied : Battery Box : Battery Box std w/o battery: Running Rigging ...

FIGS. 5-10 through 5-13 show various jib sheet configurations. Jib sheets are usually two part lines secured at the mid length to the jib clew cringle usually via a shackle. This means that the hardware to control one side of the jib sheet will be duplicated for the other side; in other words, each side of the boat will have the fittings shown. (10A) 2C Jib halyard rope tail: 5/16" dia. twisted dacron line). The wire, portion of this halyard (1/8" 7 x 19) (%) should already be on the mast. (11) & (12) 5 Main sheet blocks. There are two; one is a fiddle block fitted with a beaked swivel and a cam action jamb cleat (11) and the other is a fiddle block (12) with a shackle.

Boom length General performance Tip height Hoist speed Boom with extension Rope – Standard / Optional Telescoping mode Rope diameter Boom angle Rope length Working radius Max. line pull Max. boom length with extension Electrical system Main boom with aux head Tires Hook and block Engine Hook and ball Steering Gradeability Speed Once down on your boat, dump the sail, in its bag (often called a spinnaker "turtle"), on the foredeck, while you rig a few necessary lines. You'll need at least one, if not two sheets — each about twice the length of your boat. Line length for double led jib sheets Submitted by bobnew on Tue, 03/13/2007 - 17:34 What is the recommended length for the double led jib sheet, using a single continuous line? Oct 05, 2006 · The wording "Trimming the lazy windward sheet to barber haul the jib" suggests the intent was to literally trim the lazy sheet on the primary winch. But since it was lifted word-for-word from the J/105 class rules, I think what was really intended was to inhaul by tying the lazy sheet to coach roof grab rail with a round turn and a slipped half ...

Rope dia for new jib sheets If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. J/80 Tuning Guide Re. R12b 3 J/80 TUNING MATRIX (Using the Loos Gauge B) WIND SPEED 0-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 20+ Uppers 27 28 30 32 34 Lowers Slack 5 15 22 26 Intermediates 5 12 15 22 24 NOTE The thread size of your turnbuckles will determine the amount of turns it will take to get from one setting to another. We recommend

Please select where appropriate. Product Name; 6.6 x Kingfisher Braid on Braid 8mm: Silver Quantity: In Stock UK North Sails Tuning Guide J/80 Ver. 06. In the last ten years we have actively been involved in J/80 racing, in order to develop sails and sail trim. The experiences it gave us we have summarized in this second version of our trim guide. Sail design is continuously developed and our exciting models are vigorously tested in our design programs

Boom length General performance Tip height Hoist speed Boom with extension Rope – Standard / Optional Telescoping mode Rope diameter Boom angle Rope length Working radius Max. line pull Max. boom length with extension Electrical system Main boom with aux head Tires Hook and block Engine Hook and ball Steering Gradeability Speed You did not say what jib size you need it for so assume the smallest and it should work for all the larger ones. As a geeral rule, use the length of the boat for jib sheets. That gives you enough to have the lazy sheet go around the mast and still have the other end in the cockpit. I'd go with 26'

Name: Length: Diameter: Type: Pt No: Jib sheet strop: 3.4m: 5mm: Evolution Racing: KKD04: Jib sheet: 4.5m: 6mm: Evolution Braid: KBB06: Spinnaker Sheet: 12.7m: 6mm ...

Jun 25, 2010 · Stu-the 80' jib sheet length is the longest in the specs. 70' is a jib sheet 80' is for the genoa. Click to expand Design spec is a good basis, also practical experience is useful: 1.5xbl for sheets is generic, what if 150% genoa vs trisail ?

Used Sails for J-80 Please select sail type above and click SUBMIT This is a 134 % jib. The clew is about -1.3 feet above the tack. The luff is 91% of the forestay entered or estimated Main Sheet Polyester 7/16" 100' Feeder Type gate Jib Sheet (both) Polyester 10mm 100' Spin Sheets (each) Aramid 85 10mm 85' Main Fine Tune Polyester 9mm 30' Traveler Line Polyester 8mm 17' Tack Line Polyester 9mm 60' Shock Cord Cord 5/16" 14' Standing Rigging Rod Length Term1 Term2 Pin Headstay -8 42'5" Pin to Pin 1/2"

Jib Sheet. The jib shape is achieved by three controls; jib sheet tension, jib car placement and jib halyard control. The sheet tension has the most obvious effect. The jib sheet controls the leech twist and how far the sail is pulled in. If you look at the overall sail as it relates to the sheet, it does two things. I used 3/8 for most stuff and went 7/16 for the jib halyard as I don't want to see it stretch at all. You can often get a deal on a spool of line, but my dad did this on his 40'er and we had the exact same color rope for jib sheets, spin sheets, spin guys, a halyard, and the runners and you couldn't tell anything apart in the cockpit. Always follow the tuning guide for upper adjustment, but learn to adjust your lowers and intermediates to always keep your mast perfectly in column while sailing to windward. We have found that the J 80 sails faster upwind , under 10 knots with a 1/2” to 3/4” of smooth leeward mast sag.